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Graphene properties

This page serves as a graphene cheat sheet, a reference listing all known graphene characteristics along with citations. If you would like to help us improve our list of graphene properties by submitting information which is not listed here, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at contact _AT_ We do not intend this as a commentary page. Rather, our aim is to provide a good, reputable list of graphene properties in one place.

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength: 130 GPa [1]
Young's modulus: 1 TPa [1]
Tension rigidity: 340 GPa·nm [1]
Surface tension: 54.8 mN/m8
Flexural rigidity: 3.18 GPa·nm3 [1]
Thermal conductivity: 2-4 kW·m-1K-1 (freely suspended graphene)[3]
Distance between adjacent layers of graphene in graphite: 3.4 Å [6]

Chemical properties

Burn temperature: 350 °C (662 °F) [2]
Specific surface area: 1168 m2·g-1 [2]

Electrical properties

Band gap: 0 eV (in sheet graphene) [4]
Band gap: ~3.8 eV (in graphene ribbons) [4]
Electron mobility: ~200,000 cm2·V-1·s-1 (intrinsic limit) [7]
Electron mobility: ~40,000 cm2·V-1·s-1 (on SiO2 substrate) [7]
Carrier density: 1012 cm-2 7
Free path for electron-acoustic phonon scattering: >2 μm 7

Optical properties

White light absorption: 2.3 % [5]
White light transmission: 97.7 %


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